Best Android Games | September 2019

Best Android Games | September 2019

Gaming is completely different world for many of us. To the real gamers, these are not merely games, these are their support systems. Something that gives them pleasure. Different people have different views and different choices, thus there are varieties of games which bound to exist. Some like role playing, some like simulation, some prefer racing and this list goes on. This it is a completely subjective issue that which game is the best. It is like the fact that two doctors never agree on the same opinion, two people also might not like the same game choice. Still, generally observing these are the top 10 games available on Android which remain the talk of the town every now and then. 

The Best Android Games of 2019

Let’s have a look at the best Android games that need to be definitely played by every game enthusiast.  

PUBG: Player’s Unknown BattleGrounds

This multiplayer game is one doubt one of the best Android games in the present days. Now when the teenagers meet, they don’t discuss their favorite cartoons rather they bond over their favorite guns in PUBG. Be it Scarlet or M416, you will definitely find numerous fans.Best android games

It gives people the power to kill (virtually, obviously). The best thing  about this game is that it comes with a feature that does not let the game run for more than 6 hours in a day. Isn’t it the best control idea ? This is one of the reasons why this game tops the list of the best Android games. 

Pokemon Go

Do you recall your favourite pokemon reading this name itself, when I think everyone is bound to remember at least pika – pika after this. This game revolves around the player catching Pokemon virtually but in real places. It could be under your bed, in your almirah, or maybe right under the next streetlight, you never know. The concept behind this was basically to move all those couch potatoes, to make actually explore places to find their favorite Pokemon, just like we used to collect them in childhood.

It would be wrong if this is not included in the best Android games list. The reason being it is a great trend in the gaming zone. 

Fruit Ninja

Today’s generation might not actually know how to chop fruits. However, they can definitely chop off all the fruits in the fruit ninja game with just a swipe over the screens. This is like they being the alleged ninjas that they dream about. Talking about the best Android games, it is sure that this stress buster game is present in the list.Best Android Games

With over 5 million downloads from the Google Play store, this is a great stress reliever. It is because all you have to do is just keep swiping your fingers over the screen, and see all the fruits gone! More power ninja! 

Glass Tower

Talk about constructing buildings and here we have this popular game, glass tower. In this game, you have to build towers just by the touch of your finger tips. Higher the tower, the more pro you are. This game falls in the list of best Android games being as simple as it is.Best android games

Just constant and times touches and you are good to go. 

Temple Run

Instead of running away from problems, isn’t it better to run away from a dreadful beast that follows making all you actual problems go away! Well, as the name suggests this is a temple themed game involving role playing and jumping over all the hurdles that come in your way with the beast actually just behind you. A product from Imangi studios this game was at a time the top grossing game making it one of the best Android games.

This comes with various themes be it rainforest or scary forests, just choose the one you like and start running! 

Candy Crush

All the ones out their with a sweet tooth, this is actually a mouth watering game. With over 100’s of levels and many versions, the basic task in the game is to match the similar candies, just like we loved collecting candy in real life. It still appears on the front screen when you search for the best Android games and has almost over 25 million downloads.

This definitely speaks for the popularity that this enjoys among the people, be it kids or senior citizens, everyone loves Candy Crush. 

Clash of Clans

This is one of the finest multiplayer games when it comes to knowing the best Android games. This game includes various communities known as clans who fight and live for the survival of the fittest. Building the town, protecting it from the enemies all is included in the game ensuring a complete gaming experience, a full power packed game in itself.

When it comes to strategy based games, you should play Clash of Clans for sure.

Subway Surfers

Exploring the subway is the best and even better when you do it at the action of your finger tips. This game is quite similar to the temple run , the difference being that here you don’t have any beast running behind you, just the trains keep changing their track and you have to remain on the top of it. Seems simple right, well it actually isn’t.

You have to prevent your character named as Jake from getting caught by the policeman and his dog that are coming right behind you. 


This was a brief description about the best Android games that can be played if you wish to have a break from your daily routine. No doubt all of them are refreshing, but the addiction of any is bad. Playing in limit shall relieve you but the excess might become an issue. No one can be placed over the other as the preferences differ, someone might find the gun sounds in PUBG a sense of accomplishment but for some they might be mere noises. Find the best for you and enjoy playing! As more games keep coming, the list of best Android games keeps on increasing but the ones once established always remain the legends. 

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