Best Video Games in 2019 | September 2019 Update

Best Video Games in 2019 | September 2019 Update

Video games are something that never go out of fashion. Favorites remain the favorites forever. If we talk about the best video games then this issue can be subjective, some might like Blood and Truth while some might be fans of Ace Combat, it varies from person to person and you can have a never ending debate on the best of all games. Thus, leaving that to the gamers to decide, let’s have a good at the top 10 best video games and you are free to choose your best among them.

The Best Video Games in 2019

So if you want to be more interactive in the world of games and move beyond being a couch potato munching all the snacks then you must have a look at the best video games available and pick one to experience!

Resident Evil 2

A survival horror game from the house of Capcom launched in January 2019 is the best entry to the best video games available on date. The characters include a police officer and a college student and revolves around their escape as they manage to survive during a zombie apocalypse. With tank controls and camera adjustment features it gives a complete war feel making its mark in the best video games that offer a spectacular real life adventure as the plot carries on.Best Video Games

Having more than 97% likes on the social platform it teaches various escape plots but your mind needs to be in quick action to improvise and implement it.

Far Cry : New Dawn

Released in February 2019, this is a power packed action adventure game. Being the lead in the game, it’s completely up to you to customize the character from it’s gender to it’s race. The plot involves protecting the inhabitants of the town from the various threats that endanger their lives. Being a continuation in the series, it’s one of the best video games that maintain the spirit of playing alive throughout the sessions.

This game is available in both multiplayer and single player so you can enjoy it with your gaming buddies and alone too.


Another entry into the list of the best video games, is an online multiplayer game developed by BioWare. Released this year in February, it’s plot revolves around the life of an anonymous planet with the player characterized by the mask of adventurers who work to defend humanity from the dangers persistent on their planet.Best video games

Basically an action role- playing game with loads of technicalities making it a complete power loaded game with various levels with additional features that get unveiled as the game advances.

Wolfenstein : Youngblood

Yet another action shooter game makes it mark in the mentions of the best video games 2019 , making it evident that such games never ceases to grab attention. The plot derives it’s roots from the Nazi control and the protagonist finding ways to get out of their clutches.

You need to keep completing the tasks to explore the newer features and powers that come to you. Of course we don’t want someone to rule us, so get going to overpower them!

Blair Witch

This horror plot is about a boy who goes missing in the Black Hills Forest placed in Maryland and the gamer’s character is portrayed by a man who goes on searching for the lost boy in the deadly woods. The narrative story is quite well built and showcases the talented writers behind the making.

Available from August, this is genuinely a horrifying game which gives thrills and makes its existence in the list of best video games worthy.

Kingdom Hearts III

A Disney based adventure game is a must addition when it comes to the best video games. It is an addition to the previous series taking a lot of its basics from Disney World, be it the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled and much more. Also includes instances from the originals like Toy Story and Monsters. It’s the story on the beautiful bond of friendship among Sora and his friends which unfolds as they go on the adventure.

Guest appearances from Goofy and Donald Duck make it an even more memorable experience because what’s more fun than them!

The Walking Dead: The Last Season

Yet another episodic adventure which features a policeman who plays the lead in the story in the search of a place to survive after a zombie apocalypse. The plot revolves around the ways the gamers discover to survive in the zombie inhibited civilization. The dead human walkers become the biggest threat to the living and the entire game runs around the escape ideas that you need to improvise to survive, or else, you’re gone.Best video games

Based on a comic book, this is indeed a new entry in the best video games, after the release of the last episode in the month of March.

World War Z

World War Z is a third person shooter game that came out in the month of April. In the game, four players situated in five different cities, namely, Moscow, Jerusalem, New York, Tokyo, Sydney fight for their lives as the zombies attack them. More weapons keep on unveiling as the levels are unfolded but so does the difficulty level increase.

Upto 1000 enemies can be accommodated at a single screen time and this is enough for you to imagine the madness of the game.

Mortal Kombat

The Mortal Kombat series comes with better and better versions each time they make the changes and it’s always worth it. Not a single question can be raised in this being a repetitive entry in the list of the best video games.

With the stunning graphics and it’s ultimate processing speed, it is a fighting game that is played with the help of a joystick and the five crucial buttons that have the complete control to it. It’s based on the existence of a functional universe which has eighteen surviving realms which have the connection to Elder Gods.

Days Gone

Focusing on horror action again, this game was released on April 26. It is also another zombie haunted game that has the protagonist finding ways to escape the dreads of the terrifying creatures. It’s the story of Deacon St. John who has to survive from the “freakers” as mentioned in the game. Best video games


This is the list of the best video games that can be played to entertain oneself and if you are interested they might also become your addiction! You never know! So choose the best one that appeals to you and find the ideal match for you! Happy Gaming!

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