WhatsApp Payment in India | How to Use

WhatsApp Payment in India | How to Use

Whatsapp is one of the most popular free messaging apps used across the world. It comes with some very convenient features allowing people to chat with whomever they want to. Along with some amazing features, the Global Head of Whatsapp has announced an additional service to it. Now, Whatsapp can be used to make payments to our contacts. WhatsApp payment in India is now available for the users to use. Very soon WhatsApp payment in India will become popular. In this article, we have discussed the complete procedure, how-to guide and FAQs to make it easier for you to use.

WhatsApp Payment APK

The introduction of WhatsApp payment in India is great news for the users of the app. Now, all the Indian users who have access to the application can easily make payments all around India with the help of UPI. This payment interface includes some of the popular banks of many countries be that be a Government agency or a non-government agency. In order to avail WhatsApp payment Beta firstly, the user has to sign up for the Beta testing. The process of installation of this application is just the same as installing any other apps. So, if you’re wondering how to use WhatsApp Payment in India, this article can help you with it.

How to Install WhatsApp Payment feature?

Whatsapp payment in India is readily available for all iOS and Android users. It is yet to be made accessible for normal users. Whatsapp payment in India is actively hitting the market with about 1 million active users. This UPI featured app can be used by the users to make easy payments at just one click away. They can also receive money from friends, relatives or from any other important contacts. If you are not a Beta user and still want to enjoy this feature, though it is yet to be brought to a stable version. These are the simple steps all you need to follow to use Whatsapp payment in India:

  1. Ask any of your contacts who are having Whatsapp payment feature to send you a request.
  2. After that, you’ll receive a notification asking you to set up your UPI account following the request.
  3. The third step includes setting up of UPI account after you receive the invitation request.

Linking your Bank Account to WhatsApp Payment

  1. In order to link Whatsapp payment to bank account go Settings>Payments>Bank Account
  2. Tap on ‘Add new account” in the options.
  3. Click on ‘accept and proceed’ after you read all the terms and conditions carefully.
  4. Now it will ask you to verify your number through SMS. Now, you’ll have to manually enter the SMS sent and verify the number.
  5. Choose the bank account you want to enable UPI account for.
  6. The application will fetch-up all the details related to the bank using your mobile number. You can switch to multiple accounts as well after linking it.
  7. Now the last step is setting a 4 digit UPI pin. This UPI PIN will be used by you while making payments.

WhatsApp Payment Update

The service of WhatsApp Payment in India is increasingly becoming popular. Though there are many users who are not able to reach it yet. The reason behind this may be the old version of the app they are using. Sometimes the insufficient space also may not allow you to use the updated version of the application. One can easily make use of the Google Play Store or App Store to install this app.

How to Update WhatsApp Payment?

WhatsApp Payment in India is grabbing the attention of many customers making it more and more popular. Here are some simple steps you need to follow if you are not able to enjoy the latest version of the application.

1: First switch to the latest version of WhatsApp, if you aren’t using one.

2: For Android: Open Play Store> on the top left bar tap on the menu> Open my games and apps> Now click on update on Whatsapp.

For iPhone: Open App Store> Tap on the updates tab> Now update the Whatsapp version

3: Once you update Whatsapp you need to follow the following step:

For Android: Tap on three dots on the left top corner on the screen> click on settings. Now you must be seeing the payment option.

For iPhone: Select the settings tab> Now, you must be able to see the payment option.

Problems Associated with WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp payment in India is somewhat or other a challenge for both the Whatsapp and its users. In the initial stages, it is very obvious to face some sort of issues associated with its use. Here we have listed some of the issues related to WhatsApp payment and their solutions.

Unable to add bank account

  • Sometimes it may happen that your bank doesn’t support UPI. If that is the case you may not able to see your bank’s name in the list.
  • Check that your WhatsApp number and the number linked to your bank account both are same.
  • Make sure you selected the correct Bank and your phone has a reliable internet connection.
  • If you have joint or NRI account, it may fail to support.

Unable to send money

You may not be able to send money if your contact to whom you are sending money doesn’t have payments enabled.

Contact has not received the payment

  • Check that you have sent the money to the correct contact.
  • It may sometimes take time up to 4 business days and doesn’t happen instantly.
  • If  transaction has been failed then, you will receive the refund which is subjected to waiting period up to 4 business days.


Whatsapp payment in India is a new service Whatsapp has come up with. It is hitting the Indian market in large number grabbing people’s attention. Transferring payment through the most used apps is something users are looking for and Whatsapp payment is the place for it.

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